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An experience which offers a stroll through the artistic style of “Strambotism”, the only artistic style born in Catalonia, which mixes wisdom and foolishness.

The visitor will come to understand creativity, inspiration and how this artistic current is felt in the hands of its own creator. DOR Museum presents paintings of his 30-year career as a painter, as well as the trilogy of Time, Power and Freedom, two 12x6m oil on canvas and the making of the third one. A unique artistic experience, where the concept of Strambotism will be explained to the world, and where the visitor will be able to interact with the painter.

From Wednesday to Sunday from 1 AM to 9 PM

building next to the parking space


access by stairs and / or lift

“Creative process corner”:

Here you can witness the painter’s sketches and notes created within the process previous to the final painting. These help the painter to prepare, amongst other things, the composition of the painting and to determine the colour palette.

After having created previous drawings to embrace the main idea, the sketches gain complexity getting closer to what will look like the final drawing, this last piece being the key reference in composition, rhythm and harmony. All elements, figures and sceneries which will be present in the final painting are already present at this stage. After that, with the help of a grid system, the painter will trespass this drawing to the gigantic canvas.


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From Wednesday to Sunday.


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